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Ghost: though it's not killing any body Oct 24, 2013 17:12:18 GMT
Burton: Hope everyone had fun at the lock-in, and I hope to see more Cadets on the site, it'd be a useful tool if more accessed it. Oct 27, 2013 16:24:06 GMT
Burton: There needs to be a sub board in the staff area for group level announcements. Also an area to access documents like Out of Class activity sheets, letterheads, etc. Oct 27, 2013 23:17:46 GMT
Ghost: give me a full templet or list in a private message and i'll make it happen Oct 31, 2013 20:02:38 GMT
Ghost: major problem is first years nd to join they prob. think it's a stupid silly site like the school has Oct 31, 2013 20:03:15 GMT
Ghost: therealjohn pls tell me your real name so i may give you your position Oct 31, 2013 20:06:44 GMT
firefawkes: therealjohn account has been deleted. I am John Minney Oct 31, 2013 22:11:42 GMT
Ghost: ok Oct 31, 2013 22:44:37 GMT
Ghost: ..... Nov 8, 2013 18:06:15 GMT
Burton: All new members, please include your real name either in your screen name or on your profile, as to avoid potential communication errors, thank you! Nov 10, 2013 17:44:21 GMT
Ghost: you can make acount with real name then change it as your prefered name and the name you signed up as will be in brakets on the profile Nov 10, 2013 20:37:14 GMT
Sergeant Gersper: Tyler, make me an administrator Nov 14, 2013 18:39:15 GMT
Sergeant Gersper: Test Nov 14, 2013 18:40:47 GMT
Ghost: i dont have a problem but those who wish to oppose their will will grief you.~Burns Nov 30, 2013 23:56:06 GMT